HomeRock's Value Process

Delinquent, Distressed, Damaged, and Foreclosed Residential Properties.

HomeRock specializes in finding residential properties that under serve their respective neighborhoods and cities and revitalize. This unlocks hidden value that takes experience to find and that creates rich experiences for the new residents and solid value propositions for our investors.

Once the research is complete, property acquisitions are very quick. From instant closings on trustee sales to 10 day portfolio purchases, all cash purchases quickly get the investment off the ground.

The management of the asset includes establishing the plan for each asset, maximizing value of each asset, and liquidating for the highest new value possible. Each asset is reviewed frequently and plans change to meet the changing market.

The liquidation strategy will most likely begin at a profitable sale of the newly increased value of each asset. Liquidation strategies change as the market changes, but knowing the current value at any given time is crucial in effectively managing the liquidation strategy.

  • Austin, TX
  • San Antonio, TX
  • Fort Worth, TX
  • Madison, MS
Three Qualities that make Real Estate Worthy of being in your portfolios Core Investments
Sticky: The items price action move
Predictable: Price action and income
stream works as expected
Understandable: The investments
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